iOS Charts: Draw Something owns everything

I thought it was about time I tried this Pictionary-style app. After all, Draw Something got more than 30 million downloads on iOS and is currently sitting at the top of the Top Grossing, Top Paid and Top Free Apps rankings!
Hard to miss it right?

So this is how it goes: you launch the game, sync with Facebook and pick friends you want to play with.

After you choose someone, the game starts. You have to pick a word among 3 (easy, normal, hard difficulty).
Then you have to draw it. You can choose different colors, line weights. You are supposed to hurry but you can take virtually all the time you need.
As you draw, every actions are recorded. When done, data is sent to your friend for guessing what you drew.
Your friend receives a notification that you completed a drawing.
When they are ready, your friend hit the "Play" button and starts guessing your drawing as it reveals itself.
Successful or not, your friend has to draw something in turn for you to guess, and so on.

Depending on the words' difficulty, you earn 1, 2 or 3 coins to spend on bonuses.
However, the game is just fun to play as is.

It's simple fun, and totally addicting and much like a real Pictionary game, it can be hilarious depending on who you play it with!

Images credits: Draw Something's Facebook Page, iTunes App Store

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