How About That? A Free-To-Play Skyrim!

Today I came across this article on It's about an ex-Battlefield developer saying he would totally see a Skyrim-like game with a Free-To-Play business model.

Well, I am not against F2P by principle, but the main reason I love Skyrim is that it's a fun single-player game. I like to refer to it as an MMO without the annoying players :)
In reply to the article, there has been a massive reader reaction against the idea.

My favorite comment was this one, by user Packtop, summarizing perfectly what the words F2P and Skyrim evoke to me when put together:

Yeah right a f2p skyrim.

NPC: i have a quest for you go in the Napuchi dungeon and kill every bandit there.

Once you're in front of the dungeon: if you want to enter this dungeon and finish quests you need to pay 1.99$.

NPC: go kill a Giant.

Once you're on your way there you get a message saying that area is locked and you need tyo pay 9,99$ to unlock the area.

You buy a weapon, but the weapon is only at half his normal power if you want to unlock it's full power you need to pay .99$.

Half you skills is blocked to unlock 1 full skill set you need to pay 4,99$

To teleport on the map you will need to pay 9,99$ monthly.

Your horse will have a stamina bar and once it's depleted you can't use him anymore if you want to use him more you will need to buy food, for 2,99$ you will get 10 piece of foods that will replenish half the stamina bar.

I could go for a really long time like that and for the ignorant out there everything above was invented, but i'm sure if a f2p skyrim was released most of them would probably become reality.

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