Nowhere Man Complete Season On Youtube

Nowhere Man is the story of a photojournalist who sees everything in his life taken away from him after taking a photograph depicting people being hung in Vietnam. I might have already talked about this show on this blog, but here is the thing: Nowhere Man is one of my favorite shows ever. And it still is. Of course, since it is from the mid-nineties (before smartphones were ubiquitous), some episodes have grown a bit old, but it is mostly relevant overall. I personally put is on par with X-Files. And I loved X-Files too.

The problem is that it is extremely hard to find this show nowadays, because there was only one season, and then the show got mysteriously cancelled. And then even the DVD (which was distributed only in the US) is not selling anymore. Bruce Greenwood, who plays the main protagonist Thomas Veil, is an awesome actor and really carries the show. Each episode is a story of its own, but of course it is better to watch them in order.

Which you can do with the YouTube playlist below.

The image quality is not great -- but you can think of it as a chance, since it might make this playlist less likely to be taken down.

More about Nowhere Man here on IMDB. You can see I am not the only one mourning the cancellation of this show up to this day.

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