Sunny Brest

Sunny Brest


Brest is my hometown. Rather bland post-war architecture, and a lot of rain. So much so that every news article that mentions Brest starts by quoting verses from Barbara by poet Jacques Prévert's --which, you guessed it, involve a lot rain. It actually rains in Brest about 200 days per year... that's more than Seattle either in quantity or frequency.But for my last visit, I was graced with a beautiful sky almost everyday, at least for some time everyday. Because in Brest, we usually have sunny weather several times a day!

View from Rue de Siam (Town Hall in center).

An a la Yann Champeau picture.

A work of art and gift to my parents by artist Yann Pendu.

View from parents home garden.

Sky from the Géant Brest parking lot.

Sunset from Le Relecq Keruhon

Around Rue de Siam (notice the genuine British phone booth).

Seoul Auto Salon 2012 – Part 3

Seoul Auto Salon 2012 – Part 3

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