Just finished Bioshock Infinite

I just finished Bioshock Infinite on PC (oh, and also watched Iron Man 3 in 4DX, but that's not the point).
Bioshock Infinite has the greatest story you can imagine for a video game.
There are a few issues and bugs here and there:

  • The auto-saving is not always working great, and can be quite frustrating at times because of the total absence of control over saves. 
  • Some weird collision issues where your character is blocked seemingly in the middle of nowhere. It happens around the edges and corners of square-shaped elements of decor.
  • Found some bug where I would ask Elizabeth to do some lockpicking, then go a few meters away and come back only to find the lock still unpicked but impossible to unlock again.
  • Sometimes the combat music would still play while no enemy would appear on screen.
But these issues don't really matter in the end and fortunately don't change the fact that Bioshock Infinite is the Game of the Year so far (yeah, it's still only April) as far as I am concerned.

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