Shadow Era New Expansion Pre-Order Open

Shadow Era's first expansion "Dark Prophecies" is currently being beta tested. However, you can already order the physical cards on the official site.

Like for the first edition "Call of the Crystals", "Dark Prophecies" will offer backers bonuses at each step of the funding process. The first step is at $50,000 and there are 35 days left to get there and beyond.
As someone who enjoys the game a lot, I can't wait to discover the new cards, which are overdue in my opinion, although I do prefer quality over quantity.
According to Wulven, the cards should ship in April.
This also means that the texts of the cards should be finalized between now and then.

There was quite a delay for the first edition of physical cards. However, Wulven have likely learned from their first experience with a totally new business, so there is hope they can keep their promise this time. In any case, the pre-orders offer quite friendly pricing and include free shipping.

Image credit: Shadow Era website

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