CNET's VPN Software Scam

I recently tried searched for some VPN (Virtual Private Network) software. I wanted to try some services that are available only in the US, while residing in Korea. Connecting via a VPN software would allow me to use those services from Korea.

When googling "free VPN", the CNET solution show up in the top three results. 
Seeing the users' rating was 4 out of 5, and seeing it was explicitly free, I thought I could give it a try and hit the download button.

I guess I should have read the comments before doing that.
I downloaded the installer and when I ran it the Default installation option was including a toolbar I never asked for. Fortunately I noticed it and hit the "Advanced" install instead.

However, as soon as the installation completed, I got this message: NO TRIAL TIME LEFT! Please buy full version from www.[sitename].com.

As stated in some of the real comments (those that are not saying "Hey it's so awesome!"), CNET should be aware of this. Then if it is really aware of this, why is it not removing the software which is obviously not free?
Or is it to shove their partner's toolbar (however good the blekko toolbar can be) in my face?

I thought CNET was not the kind of site to give into this sort of scam. I know better now.

Back to my research.

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