High Street Low Street - the Real Korea in Photo

I recently received my order for two samples of a great street photography book by Dayvmatt [blog site link].
These are rare items (only 500 prints) and hand-numbered!
But more than anything, High Street Low Street --the title of the book-- is a superb piece of photography for anyone with an interest in South Korea.
It shows a Korea you probably never see if you don't live here. And if you do live in Korea, it shows a very personal look at this amazing country.

 Dayvmatt says on his site "There is nothing poignant Dayv wants to say about this photography". I don't think he needs to say anything. His photography speaks for itself.

This photo book is A3 format and included postcard and stickers. I put my iPhone 4 to give an idea of the size.

If you or someone you know is interested in Korea, I can't recommend this book enough.
As an expat living in Seoul, it's the kind of book I want to share with people so they can have an idea of life in this country.
It's really good quality print as well (from Dayvmatt's site):

  • Each page is A3 (297mm X 420mm) (11.69in X 16.54in) in size.
  • There are 79 photos in 84 pages. 
  • The cover is 200g art paper 
  • The inside pages are 150g moju paper 

 Got two of them and already thinking of reordering.

More info about how to order the book HERE

High Street Low Street - the Real Korea in Photo

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