John Walker's Opinion On Video Games' Pricing

There is an excellent piece on Games Industry International written by journalist John Walker.
I can't agree more with the author. I've always thought that the only reason I purchased second-hand games as a kid was because the price of new games was too high. Simple as that.
And the reason why I buy quite many new games now here in South Korea is because 1) I have a regular source of revenues and 2) new games are comparatively cheaper here in Korea (roughly $35 to $45 including all taxes) than in my French hometown.

One of the highlighted quotes of the article:

"You can take hardware to your local GameStation or CEX, and the manufacturers aren't showing up demanding their tithe, so why should this be any different for software?"

And my personal favorite quote:

"The attempt to control - or even entirely obliterate - the pre-owned market is an attempt to prevent people from selling their own goods, to interfere with the free market, and to artificially induce massive depreciation of your own products. And when a game costs quite so much money in the first place - £45/$60 - it is no wonder that most people cannot afford to buy all they want at full price. And that is the point. This is a matter of how publishers behave, not what retailers and consumers do with the results."

Read the whole article HERE.

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