Happy New Year

I told you "See you next year" in my previous post and I meant it :D
So far there's been a lot of Skyrim but not only! Going against all current trends of "portability" and "gaming everywhere" I finally purchased a decent desktop PC to play PC games like I never did before, since I have always been more into console games in the past.
After setting up my new rig, the first thing I did was to sign up to Steam and purchase the PC version of ... Skyrim! yeah, I am now the "proud" owner of two copies of the game. By the way, I have to reckon the PC version is very pleasant to play and much crisper. I didn't download the PC UI mods yet so I am playing with an Xbox360 controller, so gameplay wise the experience didn't change much, except, as I said, that I really enjoy the better graphics and much much shorter loading screens.

I am still discovering Steam but I can already say it's a breeze to use and the daily deals are very attractive. So far I purchased Amnesia: The Dark Descent, Portal and Portal 2, Dead Space 2, Civilization 5, The Witcher: Enhanced edition. Not that I had time to play all these, but with their price cuts, Steam makes PC game shopping compulsive, much like purchasing an iPhone app except the games are much more worthy of my precious time in most cases (laughs)! Also, there's no need to actually download the games when purchasing, so I can install them anytime later, on any PC I own.
Downloads (at least here in Korea) are zipping fast: I got around 5 to 8 MB per second with hybrid optic fiber.
I've been enjoying Portal a lot so far, though, and already spent some sleepless nights on Civ5 during the holidays. I also had a quick trial of Amnesia, a game said to be actually scary! The least I can say is that it's quite unsettling indeed... so much gaming to come!

I wish you a Happy 2012, full of Skyrim, Mass Effect 3 and Diablo 3 (these should last you a while), as well as good sounds, parties and good time with friends and family!

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