Last year's GSTAR was quite interesting. Many people came to play some Diablo 3 as well as the tenth of new MMO RPGs by Korean developers. I think it was also the first time I saw some Facebook games there. Not that I am a fan of Facebook games, but seeing Korean companies invest the space is quite interesting, since they are pioneers in the Freemium model (Free to play, with additional purchases). But I think that's not what you've come here for, so here with the booth babes' pictures :)

신선아 - SHIN Suna @ GSTAR 2011
  허윤미 - HEO Yun Mi
  황미희 - HWANG Mi Hee @ GSTAR 2011
  황인지 - HWANG In Ji
  조세희 - CHO Se Hee @ GSTAR 2011
  차선화 - CHA Sun Hwa
  육지혜 - YOOK Ji Hye
  GSTAR 2011GSTAR 2011 GSTAR 2011 GSTAR 2011

Shadow Era, a Great Multi-Screen Trading Card Game

Christmas Eve Party @Club Octagon feat. D'JAMENCY