Pulse News

Pulse news is the best app (for all I know) to view news feeds on my iPhone. They also have an iPad and Android version.

They have a selection of sites, listed by category (tech, food, gaming, etc.) that you can select as sources for the feeds.

Then once these are selected, the app will show the feeds with an image (if any in the original article). 
The strength of Pulse is in its presentation. It's a pleasure to use because it has a very slick design, with every feeds presented as a tile, so all feeds are very easy to visualize and browse through.

There is also possibility to star stories and save them to Instapaper and the Pulse account at the same time (which you will have to register to after 50 "starred" articles). You can login using your Facebook account.
You can also share stories to Facebook and Twitter in one click. You can even access your Google Reader feeds.
All starred (saved) stories can be consulted in the Pulse menu of the app or online on the Pulse site:

However, I find it a pity that it's not possible to browse through my feeds online like I do on the apps.


Image sources: Pulse website, iTunes.

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