Particles from another dimension

There might be particles called neutrinos, that are faster than light.

You can check a good article about it published by The Economist here. The experiment conducted by the CERN seems to conclude that there are particles that travel at faster speed than light. Currently, the researchers are wondering what went wrong in the experiment and measurement of the results, since the results seems to contradict Einstein's famous formula of E=mc². But as I am no scientist, I will leave it to the guys in charge to determine (might take a few years, since the experiment should be reproduced with similar results in order to confirm them) the truth of it. However, this is the kind of news that makes me smile, not sarcastically but in awe. This is the kind of news that can give food for thought to any SF writer and be a starting point for so many amazing stories. The kind of story that broadens imagination. Many thanks to all the scientists in the world who dedicate their lives to uncovering the mysteries of the universe. Keep making us dream!

Unter Null, the diva of Aggrotech

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