Gears of War 3 Released today!

Today is Gears of War 3 day! Yeahhhh!
Here is a link to the IGN review of the game and a link to a Gamasutra interview with Cliff Bleszinski, Epic Games' design director.
These days there are definitely too many good games for me to play.
I am trying to keep up but it's really tough! Currently I am playing L.A. NOIRE, an awesome game that I will probably get back to after my first Gears of War play-through... Definitely hard to be a dedicated gamer these days, with so many games well above the 20 hours lifespan (if you include online multiplayer modes it's actually infinite).
Anyway right now my concern is to finish as many games as I can before Skyrim is released. Damn, I am even wondering if I should purchase Skyrim. I mean, there will be so many games to catch up with after I am done with Skyrim and its 300+ hours of estimated gameplay time.

[update]: I have played a bit of GOW3  and although it is not a surprising game (but that's not what I was looking for), it sure is a good improvement over the predecessors, at least as far as the Campaign mode is concerned. The levels are even more detailed and more colorful without looking more cartoonish. This game is gonna take a while to complete and get all collectibles, awards, unlockables too so it's always a plus... except I am not sure I will ever have enough time for all that :(


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