Dead or Alive 5 announced

At last! I have been waiting for it like forever!
Dead or Alive 5 was announced today by Tecmo-Koei at the Tokyo Game Show.
It should ship in 2012.
The gameplay video below looks pretty much similar to 2005's Dead or Alive 4 regarding the fighters themselves, although the background animations seem more dynamic than before. But it's only a pre-alpha version so we can expect some improvement.

Not that I would complain to have a game close to DOA4's standard, as long as they include more costumes to unlock. And since it seems to be more and more trendy to add post-release downloadables, for once I would be happy to get periodically new costumes for Christie, Hitomi, Ayane and Co.

Notably, DOA4 was probably the first fighting game I enjoyed playing in competitive online mode.

Just a pity this gameplay shows the two male ninjas only... :)

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