Let's take our time

Hello everyone,As you may have noticed... I have not been posting often on this blog so far. I don't plan to give up on it though. It's just that I can't possibly update it fast enough to keep up with all the awesome parties happening in Seoul every week. I can't even update it in time with the pictures from parties I attend... For this reason, I decided that my posts here would not follow any order, even chronological. That way, I will just post what I like when I like :) Well, it happens that I want to talk about the last party I attended at Luv Superlounge in Itaewon(Facebook group link). Luv Superlounge is a great place to hang around if you'd like to meet foreigners and locals alike. And as a matter of fact, it is a nice place to take pictures because: - the ambient light is quite good; - customers don't mind being photographed in general. The party was organized by Multi Seoul (Facebook group link). Their slogan is quite explicit: "all we do is party" :) The original party poster is a funny one, you should have a look at their website:)

Enough talk, let's see a few pics (Thanks to all my models:)


KRW_6499 KRW_6504





Seoul Auto Salon 2010 - Part 1

GSTAR 2010 - Part 1