Hotel Zeppelin San Francisco

I know this may seem out of place on this blog, but I recently had a business trip to San Francisco, and I stayed at Hotel Zeppelin.

This hotel’s interior was so great that I took the time to snap some pictures. The hotel was still under renovation inside, but no doubt they found their style.

[Thursday Pix] Model JANG Jeong Eun

Having lived in Korea for about 8 years now, I was able to build a somewhat large collection of pictures. Some of them were posted on other sites, and quite a few were never posted anywhere.

Besides, I sometimes want to post unrelated stuff that would not call for a full album.

So in order to get the ball rolling, I decided to start posting past pictures (mostly models and parties in Korea)  regularly.

First is JANG Jeong Eun, who was at her best at the Korea Tuning Show 2009.

장정은 - JANG Jeong Eun

Party At The Apartment (Shanghai)

After a week of work on a trade show in Shanghai, it was time to enjoy the local nightlife on a Friday night.

I had heard of the Shelter and the Apartment being two good spots located close to each other, so I went in that direction.

After socializing with a group of strangers at the Havana bar, we hit the closest club, which happened to be the Apartment.

I must say that was a lot of fun, with different music styles in separated dance floors inside of the club. The crowd was very friendly and contributed a lot to the warm atmosphere. I’d go there again!

The Apartment (Shanghai) 2015.07.17
The Apartment (Shanghai) 2015.07.17

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