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Party at Club Octagon – 2015.08.15 (Sat)

Club Octagon has a reputation for a reason. It’s a great place to hang out and the sound system is top notch.
Last time I went there was years ago, and although I like the place, I felt that the atmosphere was not so warm, but rather hyper serious. This time though, I really enjoyed it and I felt guests were friendlier than I remembered.
So really, there is no reason not to love that club anymore!

Party at Club Octagon (2015.08.15)
Party at Club Octagon (2015.08.15)

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Party At The Apartment (Shanghai)

After a week of work on a trade show in Shanghai, it was time to enjoy the local nightlife on a Friday night.

I had heard of the Shelter and the Apartment being two good spots located close to each other, so I went in that direction.

After socializing with a group of strangers at the Havana bar, we hit the closest club, which happened to be the Apartment.

I must say that was a lot of fun, with different music styles in separated dance floors inside of the club. The crowd was very friendly and contributed a lot to the warm atmosphere. I’d go there again!

The Apartment (Shanghai) 2015.07.17
The Apartment (Shanghai) 2015.07.17

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A Night In Itaewon – 2013-09-07

Last Saturday, I went to Itaewon with a friend. We visited the Cakeshop, an underground (though popular) club in the area.
I should have been there long time ago but somehow didn’t get a chance, so when my friend asked me where I wanted to go, I suggested to try the Cakeshop.
As it happens, it’s a great place to hear some fine mixes that are not limited to a rehash of current and last season’s popular tunes.
I guess I’ll go there again. Oh, by the way, never trust me to be your wingman. I’m really terrible at it.
My friend fancied a girl in the place but didn’t know how to get the conversation going. Luckily, the girl said she planned to visit France the next year.
So my friend introduced me (I am French) and told me she was fond of Jean-Luc Godard (a French Nouvelle Vague movie director). As a French, referring to Jean-Luc Godard is synonym with elitism. He’s exactly the kind of movie director that pleases a tiny elite of film critics (Godard is a film critic too) but the rest of the people, not so much. And to be honest, I am not too familiar with Godard’s movies (maybe I’ll watch one of his movies when I am old and feel like I need it for my personal culture), but if I have to choose between a Batman movie (even one with Ben Affleck!) and a Godard movie, I won’t make you wait for my answer: anything but Godard (I’d take a Chabrol or Truffaut (other Nouvelle Vague directors) movie over Godard any day).
When I said I knew who she was talking about, my friend asked me. Like a perfect jerk I told my friend it’s a director of freaking boring movies…
You should have seen her face when my friend told her what I said. The conversation was over.
Then we went to Club Move, still in Itaewon.
The pictures below are actually in reverse chronological order.



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