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Seoul Auto Salon 2016 – Models

A good Racing Girl Show!

Hello everyone,
I missed last year’s Seoul Auto Salon, but this year kind of makes up for the gap with a lot of models.
I went on Sunday, July 10, the last day of the exhibition at the COEX.
There was no IM Ji Hye to be seen (my two most popular posts are about her at Seoul Auto Salon 2012 here and 2013 here). Still, quite a lot of interesting models, including unfamiliar faces, actually a lot of them (hard for me to keep up due to a busy work schedule).

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Seoul Auto Salon 2010 – Part 1

On July 3 and 4 2010, I went to the Seoul Auto Salon held in Seoul COEX. This time, I did take some car picture but don’t worry, it’s not my priority to show car pictures in this blog.
This edition was particularly well featured, so much that I came back and shot 2 days in a row.
I particularly liked LEE Yumi and LEE Hara and HWANG Rya and… well, quite many of the models.
So, we are in January 2011, happy new year by the way, and I post those pics… By now you should know my motto: “better late than never” 🙂

황리아 - HWANG Rya
황리아 – HWANG Rya

이수정 - LEE Su Jung
이수정 – LEE Su Jung

이유미 - LEE Yumi
이유미 – LEE Yumi