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League of Legends’ Bot Issue

I started playing League of Legends earlier this year.
I don’t care much for any mode other than ARAM, which I find the most thrilling… or at least I did until recently.
Somehow it went from super fun to totally boring and annoying in a matter of days.

I am not the first person to have noticed this. It is a known issue overall in most games of this type, involving progression through experience points.
I have found that many players have noticed this too: basically some champions are controlled by users who set up their computers to run programs that simulate a player’s behavior, thus leveling their account from Level 0 to 30, either to play ranked matched more quickly (which cannot be accessed by lower than level 30 characters), or to resell their account.

Since no human is actually playing those champions, these are called bots.
So, I have seen players reporting the typical behavior of those supposed bots (“supposed”, because even if it’s often obvious, it is impossible to be 100% sure) on forums.
These include:

  •  Picking only the recommended items for their champion (but as a player I often do this as I am not familiar with all champions);
  • Picking the same items (with unique passive abilities) more than once (this one is usually a strong indication that this is a bot, but in some cases, it could be simply a player’s choice);
  • Sticking to the basic level spells while player level allows for better spell selection;
  • Typing “GG” in the game chat right a the moment the game is over (but I tend to do this too);
  • Not communicating at all during the game (that’s a more valid point, but sometimes players just don’t like to chat during a game);
  • Not moving forward until minions spawn, and retreating when no allied minion is around.
  • Not taking any risk in general.
  • Moving mostly in a straight line, back and forth.
  • Playing just plain badly (that’s not a bot-only issue, but as player level goes up, it becomes more and more obvious)
5 vs 5,  1 human player, 9 bots.
5 vs 5, 1 human player, 9 bots. 20/0/35 and yet no fun…

All in all, it translates into a very boring game in spite of scoring tons of kills. Furthermore, once you run into those bots a few times, you tend to “get” their patterns and it becomes only more obvious (and demoralizing) that they are bots.

As I said earlier, this issue has always existed. The current problem though, is the sudden higher frequency of this happening, with often times games where I am the only human player.

And as many players point out, Riot Games, developers of LOL, currently do not provide a “Bot report” option, which makes things even more frustrating.

LOL Mini Figures

This are not LEGO, and I doubt these are approved League Of Legends (LOL) products either. Manufactured by Becool, these figures were found at a stationary near my apartment. They are priced KRW2,000 (about 2 dollars), which prompted me to doubt the existence of a licensing deal between Riot Games (creators of LOL) and Becool.
Either way, those are kind of cute and I like the fact that they have 2 faces (like all other Becool mini figures I have seen).

Katarina LOL Mini figure
Katarina LOL Mini figure
Xin Zhao LOL Mini figure
Xin Zhao LOL Mini figure
Xin Zhao LOL Mini figure
Xin Zhao LOL Mini figure

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Clash Of Clans Billboard Ad In Seoul Subway

You know that mobile gaming has gone mainstream when it makes it to the subway billboards.

Supercell’s Clash of Clans did it.

It is not like it is a first in Seoul, where you can see ads for PC and even mobile games everywhere from buses to subway platforms and train’s interiors but it is not so often that foreign mobile games are advertised this way.

“They are coming for free!”

Smash Hit iOS Game

Smash Hit is the latest game I downloaded from the Appstore. I only started playing it less than an hour ago but it feels so good already that I wanted to write about it.

It is free to download and play and enjoyable as such. With an in-app purchase, you can unlock the possibility to save check points so that you don’t have to start from the beginning every time.


It’s a brilliant game, easy to pick up, where you travel through corridors throwing pinballs at glass-made obstacles and bonuses.

The game’s physic engine is really solid –glass obstacles actually shatter differently every time based on where you hit– and contributes a lot to the quality feel and enjoyment.

Besides, I love the soundtrack and it is available on Bandcamp.

Link to the developers’ website:

Virtuix Omni Makes VR Feel More Real

Appeal of VR vs New Consoles

As a gamer, I have been pondering the purchase of one of the new consoles: PS4 and XboxOne. However, the more I wait, the more I feel like I should probably wait a bit more for something really new, like the Oculus Rift. And the Virtuix Omni tends to give even more sense to the Rift.

With the Omni, your avatar walks in the game world as you walk on the Omni’s surface.
And with the Oculus Rift, you move your head to look around.
According to Robert Scoble, who had the chance to try it, the combination of both is really bluffing.

As a gamer, I am a hundred times more thrilled by the Rift alone than by any of the new consoles (though I am still considering buying at least one of those). With the Omni, the Rift seems even more attractive and feels even more like a breakthrough. Something that will renew gaming in general.

New Consoles are not mind-blowing anymore

When you think about it, the new consoles offer some impressive specs when compared to the previous generation. But that’s pretty much normal, given the eight-year gap between the introduction of the Xbox 360 and the new Xbox One.

Now, comparing those consoles to today’s PC hardware, the new consoles don’t really stand the comparison. When introducing the Xbox 360, Microsoft was losing money on each console sold, but the hardware was arguably good for its time. With the Xbox One, they are making a small margin already.

That is to say that someone who switched to PC from console maybe two years ago might not find themselves compelled to purchase the new consoles, given that their PC hardware is probably on par or better.

And an issue for the new consoles is that they might be too weak to support the Oculus Rift.


Just finished Bioshock Infinite

I just finished Bioshock Infinite on PC (oh, and also watched Iron Man 3 in 4DX, but that’s not the point).
Bioshock Infinite has the greatest story you can imagine for a video game.
There are a few issues and bugs here and there:

  • The auto-saving is not always working great, and can be quite frustrating at times because of the total absence of control over saves. 
  • Some weird collision issues where your character is blocked seemingly in the middle of nowhere. It happens around the edges and corners of square-shaped elements of decor.
  • Found some bug where I would ask Elizabeth to do some lockpicking, then go a few meters away and come back only to find the lock still unpicked but impossible to unlock again.
  • Sometimes the combat music would still play while no enemy would appear on screen.
But these issues don’t really matter in the end and fortunately don’t change the fact that Bioshock Infinite is the Game of the Year so far (yeah, it’s still only April) as far as I am concerned.