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Diablo 3 Walmart Insane Product Description

The Diablo III PC/Mac Game revolves around an interesting plot which will keep you spell bound. while you are playing. This Strategy Video Game also has some similar setting as the Diablo II like Tristram. The Witch Doctor is a new character in this game, is reminiscent of the Diablo II Necromancer, The Barbarians in this strategy video game have a variety of revamped skills at their disposal on the basis of the use of their incredible physical prowess. Bring home the PC video game to solve the mysteries of the mighty Barbarians.

Diablo III PC/Mac Game:

  • The Witch Doctor is a new character reminiscent of the Diablo II Necromancerย 
  • The Barbarians will have a variety of revamped skills at their disposal based on the use of their incredible physical prowess.ย 
  • 1-on-1′ dueling system coming into play.

How About That? A Free-To-Play Skyrim!

Today I came across this article on It’s about an ex-Battlefield developer saying he would totally see a Skyrim-like game with a Free-To-Play business model.

Well, I am not against F2P by principle, but the main reason I love Skyrim is that it’s a fun single-player game. I like to refer to it as an MMO without the annoying players ๐Ÿ™‚
In reply to the article, there has been a massive reader reaction against the idea.

My favorite comment was this one, by user Packtop, summarizing perfectly what the words F2P and Skyrim evoke to me when put together:

Yeah right a f2p skyrim.

NPC: i have a quest for you go in the Napuchi dungeon and kill every bandit there.

Once you’re in front of the dungeon: if you want to enter this dungeon and finish quests you need to pay 1.99$.

NPC: go kill a Giant.

Once you’re on your way there you get a message saying that area is locked and you need tyo pay 9,99$ to unlock the area.

You buy a weapon, but the weapon is only at half his normal power if you want to unlock it’s full power you need to pay .99$.

Half you skills is blocked to unlock 1 full skill set you need to pay 4,99$

To teleport on the map you will need to pay 9,99$ monthly.

Your horse will have a stamina bar and once it’s depleted you can’t use him anymore if you want to use him more you will need to buy food, for 2,99$ you will get 10 piece of foods that will replenish half the stamina bar.

I could go for a really long time like that and for the ignorant out there everything above was invented, but i’m sure if a f2p skyrim was released most of them would probably become reality.