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Oreo Pizza At Pizza Mall

Near the Express Bus Terminal Station of Seoul, there is an all-you-can-eat pizza buffet restaurant called Pizza Mall.
My friend who’s been living here longer than me told me that there used to be a lot of these restaurants in Seoul a few years back.
However, they almost disappeared according to him. And you know what? That’s a shame, because where else would I find an Oreo Pizza (with cheese and chunks of Oreo)?

I didn’t make that up. This is a piece of Oreo Pizza.

Discover The Octopus Ink Baguette

…which I like to call also Dark Baguette.

I found this at a Vezzly bakery in a Hyundae Department Store of Seoul.

It is said (at least it is common knowledge among Koreans) that octopus ink is good for health.
Well, that’s fine, but I still find the idea of the octopus ink baguette quite novel. As a French, I can tell you this is a very oddly striking interpretation of a typical french dish.

Oh, and in case you wonder, it tastes just like normal baguette.

I thought it was a fake when I first saw it.
I thought it was a fake when I first saw it.
It's fully black
It’s fully black both inside and outside

Touch ID Won’t Work With Dead People

Browsing tech news today, I found a story about a crowdfunding effort aimed at rewarding the first person who will hack Apple’s Touch ID featured in the upcoming iPhone 5s. But the tastiest bit from this Venture Beat story on the new fingerprint reading Home button comes as a conclusion of the article:

Apple has also said that the Touch ID will require a live finger to function.

Indeed, it is good to know that no one will be tempted to chop off your fingers as they steal your phone.

However, you’ve got to wonder how this will work out in a freezing Winter when your fingers are dead cold.